First Baptist's Adoption Fund
Both Hands Project
Project Date:
Location: Mound City, KS
Serving a Widow and Raising
Money for Adopting Orphans 

2 widows served:
Ms. Jean

and Ms. Oleva


First Baptist Church's Adoption Fund

The loss of a beloved spouse often makes it difficult for a widow to keep up with the necessary improvements and repairs to her home. So on June 2, a team of volunteers spent the day fixing up two widows' homes in Mound City, KS. The team completed projects such as landscaping, cleaning, painting, and other repairs and improvements to her home. Here's the video from the project day:

Volunteer raised sponsorship for the day of work. The supplies for the repairs on the widows' homes were donated. The money raised went to First Baptist Church's Adoption Fund. This adoption fund provides grants for First Baptist Church families who are adopting.


**UPDATE: This project is completed. Please consider making a donation to help Both Hands continue to serve other adoptive families, orphans, and widows.