Both Hands for Orphan Care Projects

An Orphan Care Project raises funds for orphans while serving a widow through home improvement projects. A project manager selects a team of volunteers. Those volunteers work on a widow's home or a nursing home. All of the volunteers request sponsorship for their day of work. The money raised through sponsorship will go towards orphan care and adoption funding. If you'd like to plan a project, please email
Current Projects    
Lifeline Child China Project Louisville, KY 3/28/15
Past Projects    
2010 Nashville "Big Build" Brentwood, TN 3/20/10
2011 Nashville "Big Build" Nashville, TN 4/16/11
Gridley/Serve for Orphans Gridley, IL 6/3/11
Madison "Big Build" 2011 Madison, WI 9/17/11
Milwaukee "Big Build" 2011 Milwaukee, WI 10/15/11
Colorado "Big Build" 2011 Windsor, CO 11/17/11
Belmont "Big Build" 2012 Nashville, TN 2/25/12
Ty Osman II Big Build Nashville, TN 4/14/12
UTC "Big Build" 2012 Chattanooga, TN 4/28/12
ISU "Big Build" 2012 Normal, IL 5/12/12
The Forgotten Initiative Bloomington, IL area 7/7/12
Village of Hope M'boro Murfreesboro, TN 7/28/12
Maryland Both Hands Project Cumberland, MD 10/13/12
Madison Both Hands Project Madison, WI 10/13/12
Village of Hope - Hunt County Hunt County, TX 10/27/12
Colorado Both Hands Project Windsor, CO 11/10/12
Village of Hope - Gwinnett County Loganville, GA 11/17/12
Village of Hope - Paducah, KY Paducah, KY 11/17/12
Purdue Both Hands Project West Lafayette, IL 12/1/12
Village of Hope - Canyon Lake TX Canyon Lake, TX 12/8/12
Colorado Both Hands Project Windsor, CO 11/16/13
University of North Texas Project Denton, TX 11/23/13
4H Both Hands Project Nashville, TN 3/15/14
Belmont Phi Tau Project 2014 Nashville, TN 4/5/14
Thrailkill Hall's Both Hands Project Nashville, TN 11/09/14
Colorado Both Hands Project 2014 Windsor, CO area 11/22/14
From One Child To Another Boerne, TX 12/6/14


If you're interested in being the project manager for a Both Hands project please email for an application.