Apply for Adoption Assistance

There are 2 Options for Applying for Adoption Fundraising Assistance from Both Hands.

1. If you are only interested in a Both Hands project, then you can submit this application. The review process may take 2-4 weeks after submission.

Please mail the completed application to:
Both Hands - 
PO Box 2713 - Brentwood, TN 37024
or email to

2. Both Hands has partnered with Lifesong for OrphansAdopting families who apply to Lifesong can also elect to complete a Both Hands project to raise funds for their adoption. Through this process, Lifesong facilitates the disbursement of the Lifesong Adoption Grants related to Both Hands projects. 

Both Hands and Lifesong for Orphans are 501c3 organizations.