Projects: Past
Chris and Carrie Burress
Project Date:
Location: Alma, AR
Adopting from Honduras 

Widow being served: Ms. Alice


Chris and Carrie Burress

Welcome to the Burress Family Project Page!


The Burress family has been in the process of adopting a little girl with special needs from Honduras. They had 3 trips to Honduras. The first trip will be to meet the government, the second trip will be to appear in court, and on the third trip they will pick up their daughter and bring her home to join the rest of her forever family. The Burress Family and a team of volunteers worked on a widow's home to help raise funds to cover the high cost of adoption!

The loss of a beloved spouse of 52 years makes it difficult for a widow to keep up with the necessary improvements and repairs to her home. Ms. Alice was a Kindergarten teacher before a stroke left her wheelchair bound. She has a delightfully charming personality that makes you pray you have her demeanor and outlook on life at her age! On November 10, the Burress Family and the team of volunteers fixed up a Ms. Alice's home.  

Each volunteer raised sponsorship for their day of work. Since most of the supplies for the repairs on the widow's home are being donated, the money raised has helped bring this little girl home to her forever family - The Burress Family.

**UPDATE: This family's adoption fund is completed. Please consider making a donation to help Both Hands continue to serve other adoptive families, orphans, and widows. You can also see a list of current adopting family's projects here.