Both Hands for Church Adoption Fund Projects

A Both Hands for Churches Project raises funds for orphans while serving a widow through home improvement projects. A project manager selects a team of volunteers. Those volunteers work on a widow's home. All of the volunteers request sponsorship for their day of work. 100% of the money raised through sponsorship will go towards a specific church's adoption fund. 
Current Projects    
Agape Legacy Fund New Jersey 4/25/15
Chosen for Life Ministries Athens, GA 4/25/15
Past Projects    
Elmbrook Legacy Fund Waukesha, WI October 2011
First Baptist Adoption Fund Mound City, KS 6/2/13
Chosen for Life Athens, GA 8/24/13
ABBA Fund West Dallas, TX 11/9/13
Chosen for Life Project 2014 Watkinsville, GA 4/26/14
SOWN Together Wooster, OH 8/2/14
Grafted at Blackhawk Ministries Fort Wayne, IN 9/20/14


**If you're interested in being the project manager for a Both Hands project please email to receive an application.