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Colorado Both Hands Project
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Location: Windsor, CO
Volunteers are from:
Serving widows and raising money for orphans
around the world


Several widows are being
served during this project

Colorado Both Hands Project 2013

Colorado Both Hands Project Page!


Over 153 million children around the world are identified as orphans... no parents, little warmth and even less hope. Lifesong for Orphans partners with orphanages in 7 countries to provide food, education, love and hope to orphaned and vulnerable children.

As you can imagine, the loss of a beloved spouse often makes it difficult for a widow to keep up with the necessary repairs to her home. So on November 16, 2013, a team of volunteers from Ellerslie Mission Society worked on several widow's homes to help raise money for the Lifesong For Orphan's initiatives.

These volunteers raised sponsorship for the service project. Think of fundraisers where people participate in a marathon then ask for donations. The difference with this project is instead of running, they worked on a widow's home. 

The money raised during the Colorado Both Hands Project 2013 was used for –
1. Adoption Funding through Grants and Interest Free Loans
2. Orphan Care Initiatives providing education, food, housing, and facilities for orphans in Honduras, Zambia and Ukraine.

All supplies used to work on the widows homes are donated. 
100% of the money raised helped orphans.
A generous donor matched the amount raised dollar for dollar!
The matching grant goes to Lifesong administrative costs.
The widow benefits, orphans around the world are blessed, and this nonprofit can continue to serve orphans.