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We are excited to share with you the good news that we are adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia!

Here's how it all began...

In most ways we are like any other expectant parents. We imagine our son's first day of school and his first football game. We worry about the first time he'll ask to borrow the car. But unlike other expectant parents, we pray that this child we already love is safe, that he has enough to eat, and that he will soon know the love of a family to call his own.

Two years ago our eyes were opened wide to the needs of the world's orphans. When we got married we planned to adopt one day, but that seemed at the time like a proposition far off into the future. In

September of 2008, at Miguel's birthday dinner, I asked him what he thought about adopting our first child. Without missing a beat he said “Sure, we can adopt first.” It was a moment I knew would define our lives and yet another reminder of the ways in which God prepares our hearts to fulfill His purpose.

Overwhelmed by the cost of adoption we began saving to bring our son home. We know that adoption is exciting, scary and a host of other emotions rolled together - certainly not something to embark upon

without the support of your family and friends. We want to invite you to become a part of this journey with

us and we can't wait to share with you the cool way that you can become a part of our son’s legacy.

Meet Baby Valdez. Having planned to adopt internationally, we began to research opportunities in

regions of the world where we felt called. Ethiopia was among the first programs for which we qualified.

We began researching Ethiopia and, both being from around Seattle, discovered that Ethiopia’s largest

export is coffee beans. We took this as a hint that God was speaking our language! Further

research revealed a tremendous need in Ethiopia. Through the miracle of adoption a little boy’s life and

legacy will soon be woven into ours. We plan to name our son Shafer and travel to bring him home as

early as this winter.

Meet Teenie. 75 years young and widowed for 13 years, Teenie attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and spent her career there until retiring in 2004. She and her husband raised three children, two of whom are adopted. When asked to describe her, one of Teenie’s former colleagues praised her love for life, her great sense of humor, and her persistently positive attitude. “She is just simply precious, inside and out.” Since the loss of her husband, Teenie needs some help maintaining her home. A team of excited volunteers plans to help us do just that.

The Valdez Family!

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