Four Ways to Change Lives

Support the Both Hands Foundation! We’re grateful for any level of support and believe that you’ll be blessed by giving.

Support an Adoptive Family
Adoption is our ultimate goal in caring for orphan children as it enables them to become a part of God's perfect plan…a family. While many families have the desire and resources to care for a child, initial costs keep many from following God's call to adopt .

Support an
Adoptive Family    
Support a Widow
If you’re interested in supporting a widow we are serving, please consider donating supplies or making a donation to Both Hands for supplies. Either way, you’re helping widows renew their homes and in the process, helping willing families adopt.

A Widow    
Another way to help is to volunteer. Special skills you bring to the table are a bonus, but any level of skill is welcome and we promise not to throw you in over your head. Click the button below to learn about ways your can volunteer with Both Hands.


Both Hands Foundation has 501c3 status, and all donations are tax exempt.