Interested in volunteering on a Both Hands project in your area? Check out the
Current Family Projects or Current Orphan Care Projects page to find one near you, then click here to apply to volunteer.

Both Hands Volunteer Needs 

Both Hands need for volunteers falls into a few categories...

1. Project Volunteers- Community members to come along side a family who is doing a project. Project volunteers are asked to send letters out to your network requesting sponsorship and volunteer on the day of the project.

2. Orphan Care Project Managers- A highly organized individual who can rally a team together to hold a project, oversee tasks, make sure all supplies are donated, recruit local businesses to donate skills, supplies, food, etc. for the project, along with other project management tasks. All of the money raised for a Both Hands for Orphan Care Project goes toward helping orphans.

3. Event Helpers- Volunteers to help with planning, decorating, and executing the Both Hands Celebration Dinner and other events.

4. Intern/Office Helper- Volunteers to help with filing, t-shirt mailing, and other odd tasks around the office in Nashville, TN.

5. Story Tellers- People who help spread the word about Both Hands in the community or help with running a Both Hands booth at adoption events.

6. Other- Overtime, other needs for graphic designers, publicists, carpenters, and more will come up. Please let us know if you have a skill set that you like to donate a few hours of time to help Both Hands.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our Volunteer Application Form or email aimee@bothhands.org for more info.

Thank you for your desire to serve Both Hands!